Episode 2

Published on:

21st Aug 2019

SRVD RADIO 'The first bits and pieces of the SRVD story'

I thought recording Episode 1 and launching SRVD Radio was going to be tough...Episode 2 of SRVD Radio proved to be a lot more difficult than I thought it would be - I had to go back to a place that I worked so hard to leave and truth be told, would have hoped that I never returned to...

For SRVD and SRVD Radio to create impact as I envision, I have to go back to the days before I hit that 'Brickwall'...

Episode 2 is the game-changing episode to help those who feel lost and alone in a dark valley. It is why SRVD and SRVD Radio exist - we are ONE because we are SRVD!

- Diving straight into the very difficult and heavy topic of Mental Health and Wellness as we explore the story of SRVD.

- Know that you are never ALONE... you have SRVD Brothers and Sisters everywhere, ready to help. If you cannot find someone or if you simply don't want to -- it's Okay!

Take a moment to realize that you have a tremendous resource here: in SRVD and your SRVD community. 

   - Grab your earphones

   - Listen to Episodes 1 and 2

   - Know that you are NEVER ALONE

   - Listen to other episodes available to you through the SRVD Radio Library

   - Dig deep and when you are ready: allow your SRVD family to help you...

   - We are together in this... Onward!!!

"I'll see you on the line..."

- Raf.

Send me a message at : raf@srvd.vet  

Write me at: SRVD | 145 Fleet Street | #256 | National Harbor | MD | 20745

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SRVD Radio
Helping in working through 'Leaving to Living' and growing the SRVD community with the GetOneGiveOne sticker campaign.
"SRVD" is simply the word "SERVED". This SRVD journey started exactly 4 years ago -- you see around this time period in 2015, I had achieved my goal of reaching 20 years of Honorable Military Service. I was ready to start my 'normal-civilian-life' -- what I didn't know was that the biggest challenge of my entire life was just brewing and in a few short months... I was going to become, "That GUY"--lost in the dark valley of my mind without a plan...